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MSAgent Decompiler

MSAgent Decompiler is a small utility for decompiling Microsoft Agent ACS files (ACF/ACA files are not supported at this time).

Unlike other third-party MSAgent viewers that are already available, Lebeau Software's decompiler will not be using Microsoft's own MSAgent engine at all. It will be processing the raw file data directly. This will mean that performance of processing the information will be faster and better optimized, and will not require commonly used programming hacks to make the official MSAgent engine do things that it was not originally designed for. In addition, since this will be a self-contained application, it will be able to run on machines that do not have Microsoft's own MSAgent engine installed.

Microsoft's Agent Character Editor (ACE) uses ACD project files to organize the bitmaps, icons, sounds, and layout information that authors define when creating their custom MSAgent characters. The decompiler will be able to reverse that process, extracting the original bitmap, icon, and sound files from MSAgent data files and then generating suitable ACD project files for use by ACE. This product is meant to be used by MSAgent character authors who have lost their ACD project files and need to restore them from their compiled data files.

Note: the decompiler will not allow decompiling of Microsoft's own MSAgent characters (Merlin, Genie, Robby, and Peedy) under any circumstances!

Note: My efforts in deciphering Microsoft Agent's ACS/ACF/ACA file formats only cover MSAgent v2.0 characters, as that is the only version I have ever worked with. ACS files for MSAgent v1.0, and ACS/ACT files for Microsoft Office 97 Assistants, use a different file format which this decompiler does not support at this time.


MSAgent Decompiler v1.0.0.0 (744,519 bytes)

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